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Titan represents two major global manufacturers of cranes offering the industry one of the most comprehensive ranges of products.

Kato Cranes

A quality range of rough terrain, all terrain, truck and crawler cranes, Kato Cranes are renowned for being well engineered and well built. Titan has represented Kato Cranes in New Zealand for over 20 years with a long list of satisfied customers stretching from the deep south (Chatham Islands) to the far north (Norfolk Island).

Terex Cranes

With an unmatched range of lifting capabilities and a dedication to technological innovation, Terex Cranes are built to help you get your job done faster, easier and better.

Titan can now offer our customers an extensive range of mobile, all terrain, rough terrain, crawler, tower and truck-mounted cranes. In some cases we have linked directly to the Terex global site to represent the full range. The Terex Crane range encompasses well-known and respected names including PPM, Demag and Franna.


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